Moment of Reflection

Just taking a moment to realize how much I have. Lately, stress has been building. Gnawing at my soul a lil bit. School+ work schedule+level of craziness at work+ pandemic + adulting+ fall season (Sorry I already miss Summer).
Mostly self-induced, but our social landscape doesn’t make it any better these days.
I paused this morning during my workout and had an epiphany. A real “wholly shit” moment.
I was working out in my new garage. My garage (barn) that we paid for after 2yrs of saving money. 2 yrs of working 2 jobs. We wrote a single check. Paid in full. 2 years of saving, planning, and wanting.
I have my own garage gym now, decked out with tons of weightlifting equipment. A LARGE space that is my own. I simply walk 20 paces outside my house and I’m there.
It’s been ~2 months since it was finished and I’ve actually gotten used to it being here. It’s now just my routine. I forgot what it was like not having it. I forgot about the endless hours of overtime. I forgot what it was like working out in a small Tetris-like cubicle of a garage. I got complacent.
Today I remembered how lucky I am. I got what I worked for. Just taking a moment to recognize the spoils.
What’s the point of working your ass off for a goal… if you don’t take the time to actually enjoy it?
Be sure to stop, look around, and take it all in everyone once in a while. Take the time to enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Moment of Reflection

  1. What a wonderful idea-just take a minute and be thankful for all you have worked for. Genius. Stop, breathe and remember you worked hartd, had patience and achieved a dream. How few of us actually do that. We get used to striving for things and forget to enjoy what we have laready earned. Thanks for the reminder.

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