My Story

How about some introductions?
My name is Sean. I’m an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP). I have been in the nursing profession for over 15 years, I’m in my 9th year as an NP. Nursing is my 3rd career.

I’m an O.G. diploma-trained nurse. I started in a 16-month accelerated diploma program.  Yep, I started my career as a new grad in the ICU.

I practiced at the bedside for about five years before I went back for my Bachelor’s degree and then my Master’s degree and became an ACNP.  After 7yrs as an NP, I’m back in school for my DNP (graduate fall 2021).

I have worked in the ICU my entire career. In the ICU world, you name it, I’ve worked it.  I have worked in all sorts of ICUs both large & small. From the large teaching hospital to the small remote community hospital.  I have worked in cardiovascular, medical, trauma, neuro, surgical, and oncology ICU. Oh, I also did travel nursing.

Over a decade ago during the pre-Facebook and pre-Twitter era, I started a small lil’ blog called My Strong Medicine (now non-existent), sharing my stories.
Almost 15 years later I’m still blogging and lovin’ it, I just tell most of my stories through video. In 2016 I posted a video (vlog) every day for a full year. I posted 365 videos consecutively while working my full-time job. Check them out ➡️ HERE.

I am also a podcaster (I think I have ADHD). I host ➡️ The Change of Shift Podcast and I’ve been the co-host for The Nurse NicheRNFM Radio, and the FreshNP podcast.

I do a vlog Q&A series called ➡️  “Hey, Sean…”. #heysean is where I answer questions from the nurse tribe. (They usually start the question with the words, ‘Hey, Sean…’). Send me your questions ➡️ HERE.

  • I post  “Daily Sean “ vlogs about my daily life.
  • I post #FOAMed topics with #minicrit posts about critical care.
  • I post nursing ➡️ ‘Truths’ I’ve learned. Axioms of the profession.
  • I post TikToks to laugh and lighten the load. I use dark humor often. 

Like my content? Here are several ways to support me:

I’m a public speaker. I believe coffee is a food group. I eat bacon every day.. and I have 18 tattoos, including a left arm sleeve.

I love hearing from other nurses. I love communicating with the online nursing community ➡️ (the tribe) any chance I get. Thanks for hanging out with me.



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