Some good news…

I watched @johnkrasniski and his new YouTube show ‘Some Good News’ #SGN #somegoodnews last week and thought it was a brilliant idea.

I’ve always loved him and his work and I LOVED the idea of his show. Just sharing some good news found in the world during a very dark time.

Fast forward about a week and the second episode of #SGN aired with an amazing episode that involved the cast of the Broadway show ‘Hamilton’.

It lifted my spirits in a way I just didn’t expect. I couldn’t shake the feeling or the underlying idea. Just spreading some positivity when you can, where you can, how you can. Informal and mostly unscripted sharing some good news. Anything that just feels good.

I spent the day yesterday staying away from the heavy life-sucking information on the pandemic yesterday. I just wanted a breather. I had been consuming as much information as I could to stay up to date, prepared and informed on all-things COVID19… and it was slowly chipping away at my soul (see my previous IG post on non-COVID19 conversations).

#SGN + limited consumption of the darkness = preserving my health. So I’ve decided to jump on the #SGN bandwagon and start sharing some good news whenever I see it. I went so far as to draw up my own logo… LOL. I reached out to the tribe and asked them to send me some good news via my Instagram stories ‘questions’ and got an amazing response. I’m gonna keep doing that.

In the meantime… send me some good news. While I will continue to stay informed, up to date, and prepared I’m gonna keep sharing the good. As often as I can.

P.S. I’ve been so drained lately that when I finally smiled today… the tribe noticed with messages of “nice to see your smile again”.

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