I graduated with my Master of Science in Nursing in 2013. I’ve worked in critical care my entire nursing career. With over 15 years of critical care nursing experience I’ve worked in every ICU specialty, small and large hospitals including academic and non-teaching facilities.  I have experience as a nurse preceptor, clinical instructor and nurse educator where I’ve offered presentations and speaking engagements to nurses at all levels. I have a passion for teaching. I received my Bachelor of Nursing from The Pennsylvania State University and my Masters of Nursing from The University of Pittsburgh.

I started my nursing career as a diploma-trained RN and now practice as a Board Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP-BC) in a Shock Trauma teaching hospital. A self-made social video junkie and community connector, I have been blogging for over a decade and have written countless online articles, including  posting a vlog every day for a full calendar year.

When I’m not at the bedside saving lives, you’ll usually find me sitting poolside enjoying my day off.  My favorite food is bacon and I believe coffee is a food group. 

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Sean’s tips have helped me become more confident in myself and be a better advocate for my patients. Thanks so much for all you do.

Sherita A. Hall, Nursing Student

Appreciate the insight you provide on the profession. It has been a tremendous resource for me personally.

Sergey R

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