I’m a nurse, blogger, podcaster, national public speaker, author and professional storyteller.

A 10-year blogging veteran and student of social media who was crazy enough to post a video every day for a full calendar year. A milestone accomplished while working as a full-time Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in a shock trauma teaching hospital.

When I’m not saving lives, I’m usually drinking coffee or eating bacon.


My story

Wassup tribe!

A warm welcome to my new visitors. How about some introductions?
My name is Sean. I am an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP). I have been in the nursing profession for just under 15 years. Nursing is my 3rd career.
I’m an O.G. diploma-trained nurse who started in a 16 month accelerated diploma program. I practiced at the bedside for about five years before I went back and got my Bachelor’s of Science then onto my Master’s of Science in Nursing and became an ACNP.

Oh, I also broke the mold and I started my career as a new grad in the ICU.

I have worked in the ICU my entire career, outside of a three-month span where I had a lapse in judgment and worked for an orthopedic surgeon. In the ICU world, you name it, I’ve worked it. I have worked in all sorts of ICUs both large and small. From the large teaching hospital to the small remote community hospital. I have worked in cardiovascular, medical, trauma, neuro, surgical, and oncology ICU.
About 10 years ago during the pre-Facebook and pre-Twitter era, I started a small lil’ blog sharing my stories –> HERE.
10 years later I’m still blogging. In 2016 I posted a video (vlog) every day for a full year. I posted 365 videos consecutively while working my full-time job.
In addition to my blogging, I am also a podcaster (I think I have ADHD). I am currently co-hosting the FreshNP podcast, where I am the head writer and content creator.

I currently do a vlog Q&A series called “Hey, Sean…”. I answer questions from the nurse tribe. (They usually start the question with the words, ‘Hey, Sean…’).

If I can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to send me your questions.

In my “down time” I am also a public speaker.
I am always available, I love hearing from other nurses. I love communicating with the online nursing community any chance I get. Thanks for hanging out with me.

Before ya go… find me on social media… tell me how ya found me… introduce yourself!


Real-world nursing tips, how-to hacks and unafraid opinions from a brutal honest Nurse Practitioner –> HERE.

Growing new NPs –> HERE.


I’ve created over 400 free videos for nurses –> HERE.

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I’m all over the airwaves.

Hey Sean Podcast –> HERE

FreshNP Podcast –> HERE

Hey Sean

I field questions from the nurse tribe, and they usually start the question with the words, “Hey, Sean…” –> HERE


I’ll be taking my NCLEX tomorrow! Thank you SO much for putting things into perspective. Love your videos!

Michell Girton

You came at the right moment to motivate my classmates and I!! I can’t say thank you enough! Someday I hope I can thank you again for motivating me so much in my journey as a nurse.

Veronica Kay Mann, Nursing Student

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