Self-care matters

Want to know how to fight #burnout …?
Want to know how to fight #moralinjury …?

Like the pre-flight checklist states, “Put your own mask on first.”

How are you going to take care of others, if you don’t take care of yourself?
Longevity only happens if you develop the survival skills to literally SURVIVE your job. 

There will be peaks & valleys. Some days you’ll treat yourself like royalty… other days you get neglected like an old toy. Survival skills are like any other SKILL… you have to work on them daily if you want them to get better. 

One thing I always do to keep my balance is exercise. I enjoy it. It makes me feel good… and hell who doesn’t mind improving their health?

Self-care don’t care how you do it, just find something that proactively enhances your happiness in a positive manner and then fight to do it as often as possible. No matter what that is… as long as it doesn’t harm you or anyone else. 

How do you make yourself a priority?

Have there been moments you didn’t want to be a nurse?

What about nurses who no longer wanted to be a nurse? Those who thought about quitting the profession altogether after some disappointments and difficulty adjusting in the workplace?How do you deal with it? How do you tackle that obstacle? Is it normal for nurses to not want to be nurses at times?

I dive into the ins-and-outs of this polarizing topic.


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