I ‘met’ you when I was discovering what ACNPs were all about and your #heysean drew me in.

You’ve inspired me through my entire program and May 2020 is graduation!


I’ll be taking my NCLEX tomorrow! Thank you SO much for putting things into perspective. Love your videos!

Michell Girton

Appreciate the insight you provide on the profession. It has been a tremendous resource for me personally.

Sergey R

Sean’s tips have helped me become more confident in myself and be a better advocate for my patients. Thanks so much for all you do.

Sherita A. Hall, Nursing Student

You came at the right moment to motivate my classmates and I!! I can’t say thank you enough! Someday I hope I can thank you again for motivating me so much in my journey as a nurse.

Veronica Kay Mann, Nursing Student

You’re an inspiration … your videos/blogs have given me the courage to finally pull the trigger ..so to say. Keep up the good work!

Cameron Mann

Thanks for all of your awesome words and encouragement that you show fellow nurses!


If you want a real-life, informative speaker at your school this man is the one to get a hold of. Sean prepares you for real-life nursing with an awesome transparent perspective.

Sarah Pettay‎, Nursing Student

You truly are an inspiration to me. When I found your channel and started watching your videos it gave me hope that I could get through this.


Thank you for coming to Ohio, you are an amazing speaker, extremely motivational!!

Tiffany Callahan, Nursing Student

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