Superstitions Have Saved Lives

Every nurse has shift superstitions. Things that shouldn’t be done/said/heard/thought of while at work.

Shiz you may have heard before:

💀“Do not admit that patient into bed 10… there’s bad juju in there”.

💀“I can’t drink from that coffee mug, the last time I did all hell broke loose”.

💀“DO NOT say that patient’s name, the last time they were here was a shit show”.

💀“You will put the BP cuff on the LEFT arm… not the RIGHT arm. Just trust me on this”.

💀“We’re gonna go ahead and pull some Neo out of the Accudose and have it in our pocket. Yep. Ain’t nobody dying today”.

💀“Let’s just rolllllllll the crash cart right alongside the doorway. Yep. Right there. Today will be a NO code kind of day”.

Voodoo medicine exists and nurses practice the dark arts. Every. Damn. Day. Do this job long enough and you’ll be a believer too. Because every nurse knows about the bad ju-ju. And every nurse knows exactly what to do to ward off those evil spirits. Does it work every time. Nope. Wanna know why? Because we got some people out there that still don’t believe dammit!

The next time you’re workin’ and you hear a nurse practicing the dark arts. Just follow instructions… MKay? Ain’t nobody dyin’ today.

🧠 cred: @nurseabnormalities

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