The one reason you should never take that job

I firmly believe the most challenging part of being a nurse is the job hiring process. Figuring out what is a good fit and what is not. I’ve talked about it before in a previous post:

2 simple things to finding the perfect nursing job

Friendly advice will only get you so far. Maybe it’s good ole fashion luck or just being in the right place at the right time?

I know many of the jobs that I’ve worked, I just got lucky. The timing of my hire did matter in the grander scheme of things. The opportunity and job availability just would not have been there, had I applied for the same job months prior or even years earlier. Yep, I consider myself a lucky dude.

But even with luck on my side, there is one recurring theme that is a HUGE red flag in my book when paring down your decision. Everyone should be making a Pro’s and Con’s list of a potential job. You should also make a priority list of what you can do without and what absolutely has to be present when you take the position. Both of those lists will vary depending on the job, your experience and what is going on in your life at that time.

Ten years ago the shift didn’t matter to me. I could work days, nights, weekends. These days I am unable to work nights for personal (private) reasons. So if I had to leave my current job, the next job I would be looking for would have to be a shift that is not overnight.

I think you get the point.

No matter what is on your list and no matter what you list as a priority there is still one thing that should not be the tipping point on your decision to pursue a job.


Never take a job because of money. Ever. Never. I mean ever.

You see, the money will never be enough. No matter what stage of the game you are playing. Whether you’re just starting this journey, or you’re clocking in year 20. The money will never be enough. Ever.
Do we work for free? Hell no. That’s not what I’m saying. We’ve all earned our place. We all want to make more. We worked hard for this education, training and time in grade. But the bills will always be there. The debt will always be there. And quite honestly, overtime comes and goes.
But if you sacrifice other areas of your happiness for a fatter paycheck, you’re going to be very disappointed eventually. I’ve taken two jobs in my career that were based on a higher pay grade. One was for a separate company, and one was with my then current employer.
Each time, the job and the money felt GREAT in my pocket initially. But after the honeymoon period was over, the money couldn’t buy my sanity back.

I was unhappy because of the drive, the co-workers, the employer policies, the lack of staffing, the lack of staff support, the lack of camaraderie, the overbearing providers, the stupid shifts, the long hours, the unsafe assignments, the lack of consistent hours, the flip-flop schedule, the negative Nancy’s and negative Nellie’s at work, the unmotivated coworkers I kept cleaning up after, the crappy benefits, the unending committees and of course the lack of respect to name a few.


Did I miss anything?

The money will eventually run out. It always does.

Find the things that make you happy at your job and focus on those things. Make a list of must-haves and stick to that list. The must-haves will change over time based on your experience and life needs. But stick to your guns and make those must-haves a priority. Always.

You’ll thank me later.





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