Do good grades make good nurses?

Will you be a ‘bad’ nurse if you don’t get straight A’s? Do grades make the nurse?
How important is your grade on an exam to your patient?

I answer another #heysean question from the tribe.

I don’t believe there are many nursing students who actually try to ‘just pass’.But reality sets in abruptly during that first year as a student nurse. You realize just how accurate all the horror stories were about nursing school.

It’s overwhelming.

You realize there is only so much time in a singular day, and getting all A’s is not an easy task.

I’m not here to dispute trying to get the A. Everyone should make the effort. That goes without saying.

Just remember, your patient’s don’t really care too much about the percentage of your grade. They care about the care you provide.

The NCLEX? That’s also pass or fail… no percentages (although you have to attain a passing percent).Being OK with ‘just passing’ is a metaphor for learning to accept. To be OK with working hard enough to get something other than an ‘A’… and not driving yourself to utter exhaustion with sleepless nights just to say you got the ‘A’.

Nursing school doesn’t live in a ‘vacuum’ for many students. Be OK with not being perfect.

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