Time management tips for a new grad nurse

Two part question from a member of the tribe. New grad nurse asking for help with:

  1. Struggling with time management, any tips?
  2. Which shift is “easier” to sharpen your time management skills?

This new grad nurse was wondering if flipping to the night shift would be “easier”. 😳 I nip that one in the bud quickly. This is not a turf war on which shift is “better” or “easier”. I’ve done both, each have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to literally pick your poison.

I then offer a handful of brief tips for all the new grad nurses out there. From writing everything down to mimicking and ‘velcroing’ yourself to those that have it figured it out. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel peeps. And remember… “CLUSTER YOUR CARE”.

Nursing is a 24-hour job, you won’t get it all done in a singular shift.

Time management only gets better with … uhh.. time.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** This was a recording from my Instagram account, so it’s not the highest quality (wonky formatting). Some of the video content and conversation is out of context, but I thought the information was valuable and wanted to share it here. I hope you don’t mind.



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