The war between nurse practitioners and physicians escalates

The AMA’s recent post: Patients deserve care led by physicians and they would defend patient safety through research, advocacy, and education. Here’s more ➡️ 3 big reasons why letting NPs practice independently is a bad idea

The hashtag is an aggressive response to the AANP’s pursuit for NP full-practice authority.

Both sides have their own agendas. The research out there being cited is limited and biased at best. The fact remains NP’s are not out to be physicians and of course physicians posses years of additional training and education. Nobody is arguing those facts.

Both sides claim they are advocating for patient safety, but do it under the guise of shock journalism and passive aggressive advertising all while cherry picking self-serving data (to support their agenda).

Health care is no longer a top-down “caste system”. It’s a team approach. Outcomes are optimized when all team members maximize their role and collaborate care. NP independence is born from a solution to a politically motivated fault in our primary care healthcare system. It brings access to patient’s who need care. Patient’s are suffering because of antiquated payment and service structure.

Everything else we’re talking about from both sides of the fight is just displaced anger. Is gaslighting helping our patients?

There are bottom of the barrel physicians and bottom of the barrel NPs regardless of education and training location. Get over it. Get over yourself. There are rotten apples wherever you go.

Does the NP profession need to step up their game and fix their broken educational structure? Yes. I’ve mentioned several times how I don’t agree with it.

But is this smearing campaign the right approach? Don’t you think our patients will be more confused by it? Now they will think all physicians don’t trust all NPs. So when an NP cares for a patient, how will that make the patient feel about the physician who is overseeing their care? Is this really where you want to plant your flag?

This schoolyard brawl is weakening our healthcare system. Nothing more.
To the AANP & AMA… get over yourself.

Don’t we have more important issues? Imagine what we could accomplish if we worked together?

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