Taking A Refresher Course To Re-enter The Work Force

Hey Sean, do you have any thoughts for an RN who is taking a refresher course to re-enter the work force after raising a family?

Re-entering the workforce is not an easy task. I have never experienced it myself, but I know many parents who delayed their education, training and vocation to raise their children. And to me there is no higher sacrifice, so I salute you.

I think taking a refresher course is a setup for success. I imagine you’ve forgotten a great deal, but you’ll probably be surprised by how much you have retained. It’s all lying dormant in the back of your brain, you just need to jolt it back into reality. And a refresher course will do just that.

I would approach that course like you would any other scholastic challenge. Study, study and study some more. It might even benefit you to take an NCLEX-style exam just to wake up your brain.

As long as you’ve maintained your CME’s and your license it’s just a matter of revving up that engine again.

At the end of the day, I would take what you can get out of a refresher course but don’t rest your laurels on it. It’s only going to stimulate your senses. It’s not going to get you back to where you left off.

Don’t be frustrated by what you don’t know. It will come with time. Don’t be surprised if you’re a bit shell shocked when you finally step back into the workforce. It’ will probably sting a bit.

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