Student group projects: What do you do when no one is helping?

The bane of all nursing student’s existence: GROUP PROJECTS. Every nursing student has a horror story to share. We’ve all been there. We’ve all been there SO much that most group projects have predictable outcomes with predictable roles!

We all have that ONE person that doesn’t do their part. Did ya ever notice all group projects consist of the same players:

1. The type A go-getter
2. The reliable team player
3. The minimalist avoider

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What do you do when someone isn’t pulling their weight? Here are some tips:

1. Be professional. No finger pointing.
2. The two strike rule. Do not wait.
3. Address the problem as a group.
4. Create a paper trail. Have proof of validation.
5. Take an active role in your education
6. Develop your team building skills

Group projects really have very little to do with the actual project, it’s about developing team building skills. How well do you work with others? How do you deal with difficult people? No matter how rotten this experience may be. And how quickly you just want to move onto the next thing, but so you think this will be the last time you deal with someone or something like this…? Nope.




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